About us

How it started

Since discovering gin for the first time in a classic gin and tonic in 2004 to the present day, we've been on a long journey of discovery into the world of Scottish Gin. In 2013, whilst on holiday in New York City, we were delighted to discover that nearly every bar or restaurant we visited had at least one Scottish Gin on the menu. This discovery planted the seed that inspired us to establish The Gin Cooperative in 2017; a business that would educate and inspire consumers and industry to discover Scottish Gin.

A positive voice for the Scottish Gin Industry

“Natalie and Martin have an unrivalled passion and knowledge for everything Scottish Gin related.”

Sandy Morrison
Owner and Distiller, King’s Hill Gin

We love what we do

In February 2023, we launched this website, ScottishGin.com, providing our customers with one of the largest independent selections of Scottish Gin available online and what we believe to be the most detailed and content-rich; from tasting notes and insight about each gin's production to the people and stories behind the bottles. We love what we do and love that we get to share our passion for Scottish Gin with others. Thanks for being part of our journey.

Natalie Reid

Martin Reid